Preparation for the Oxford Test of English B2 level

You will be provided with guarantees to have the best chance to obtain an English B2 certification by fulfilling this preparation course. The Oxford test of English is an official exam certification accepted by all Universities and public administrations.

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This course has been specifically designed to fulfill the Oxford Test of English, and it will contain a combination of general grammar, vocabulary and idiomatic expressions together with special oral preparation specifically developed to take the test with the best guarantees to obtain the B2 certification level. 

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The course will contain a wide variety of grammar structures and vocabulary expressions that are essential to prove a B2 proficiency level of English.

The four disciplines in which the exam is divided will be practiced individually and also interconnected.

There will be listening, reading, writing and oral practice through different drills and exercises all specifically designed to match the skills demanded by Oxford examiners to grant the B2 level. 

Oxford Test of English B2 level
Características del curso


250 h






340,00 €

Fecha de inicio

28 de febrero 2024


24 de abril 2024


Unit 1. Questions and answers.
Unit 2. Health and Travel.
Unit 3. In all weathers.
Unit 4. Survival.
Unit 5. Music to my ears.
Unit 6. Let´s do business.

Reglas de finalización

Students must complete 75% of the content in every unit and then pass a general test at the end of the course.

Once the student has completed the program successfully, they will have the opportunity to access any of the test centers that offer the Oxford test of English.


The student will be provided with online resources and also with a printed course method (book) that they can use as extra consulting material.

It is advisable that those students interested have at least a medium level of English (A2 or B1 preferably)

There will be at least 6 Masterclass (reduced groups) in streaming specifically designed to prepare speaking sills


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